Priest articles

o Fringes, Ribbons, Tassels
o Metallic and plastic buttons
o Bells, Clerical hats-Kalimafi
o Rings and Cords for cuffs and epigonation

Handmade items

o Priest crosses set
o Bishop crosses set
o Handmade figures
o Cuffs - Epimanika
o Epigonatia - Epitrachilia
o Handmade fabrics

Embroidered items

o Crosses, Embroidered Figures
o Epitaph, Church ribbons, Banners
o Chalice covers
o Cuffs - Epimanika
o Epigonatia, Epitrachilia

Traditional embroidery

o Braids, Laces, Fringes
o Tassels, Beads, Yarns
o Threads, Cords
o Handmade lace, Fabrics